Josiah D. Henson

Senior Partner

Mr. Henson is a principal at IPO Pang Xingpu and is a partner of Henson, Pang & Winnie, a premier international law firm and consulting group with offices in Washington, D.C. in the United States and Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Henson previously worked for major law firms in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C., where he dealt with a wide variety of specialties ranging from international trade to federal energy regulations, with special involvement in negations. He has extensive experience in many aspects of corporate management, including marketing, strategic planning, operations and administration. Mr. Henson has also been involved in ethics litigation and proactive counseling representing government employees in ethics proceedings and advising private companies regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Some of his clients have included:

  • An award-winning biotech startup company providing prenatal genetic testing service to worldwide medial partners.
  • An Internet Service Provider of satellite-based Internet connectivity to Europe.
  • An international trade company providing security goods and services in international markets.
  • A major manufacturing company making patented technology fire retardant chemicals.
  • A manufacturing company producing high-tech ballistic protective garment to foreign governments and heads of state around the world.

He also represents a number of Hollywood and Broadway writers, producers, singers, and actors. He has worked with a number of production companies on fundraising and the production of full-length feature films and television shows. Mr. Henson also serves on a number of corporate boards for non-profit organizations with national and international missions.


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