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Johnny Hu is a graduate of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics with an emphasis on Accounting for Industrial Enterprises prior to becoming a lawyer. Mr. Hu was admitted to the Chinese Bar in 1995, and has almost 20 years of experience as a practicing attorney. He is a principal at the firm and his practice focuses on economic law, contract law, corporate M&A, bankruptcy and joint venture law. Because of his award of a special Intermediate Accountant Qualification Certificate, Mr. Hu represents many clients with needs for forensic accounting, including white collar cases, fraud allegations and banking related matters. He is a seasoned lawyer with many successful cases and over the years, has represented companies from start-ups to publicly listed companies. Prior to joining the firm, he was an accountant for several state-owned enterprises. Mr. Hu has successfully represented a wide range of companies in cross-border transactions. He has substantial experience setting up foreign investment entities, including holding structures; buying land-use rights and closing complicated merger and acquisition and financial transactions. Working in conjunction with the firm’s Chairman, Mr. Hu has worked on many cross border transactions involving international clientele. As a litigator, Mr. Hu has won many complex cases involving accounting fraud and is a noted expert on forensic accounting. He is often cited for his courtroom brilliance and has a successful record of winning cases in court. As a senior principal of the firm, Mr. Hu advises the Board of the Firm on many strategic matters.


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