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John Tan


John Tan is a Partner at IPO Pang Xingpu Law Firm and focuses his practice on intellectual property, general corporate governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, commercial law and disputes, intellectual property law, employment law and litigation emanating from foreign direct investments. With over 15 years of experience working with Government authorities and commercial enterprises, including MOFCOM, MIIT, and CTMO and CPO, Mr. Tan brings with him a wealth of knowledge not only of the law but of the local practices of the Chinese legal environment.

Mr. Tan works closely with customs officials, labor department, tax districts and other agencies in his practice representing many multi-nationals.

As Partner, John coordinates and supervises the Firm’s legal case load in addition to servicing his own clients in areas of his expertise. He is focused on growing the Firm practice in all disciplines. A veteran of the Firm, Mr. Tan has seen the Firm grown from a small IP boutique to a firm where nearly every legal expertise is covered. He is dedicated to the firm’s mission of delivering high quality work at reasonable prices. his clients include entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 companies and SME’s and span the globe to include clients from the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, UK, Portugal, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and many others. He is a graduate of Guangxi Normal University in English and is active in both Shanghai and Shenzhen lawyer associations.