Cathy Deng


Cathy Deng is a principal at the firm and has 15 years of experience as a practicing attorney. Ms. Deng focuses her practice on Intellectual Property Law, Labor Law and Corporate Law. Her advice and counsel has helped many corporations out of difficult situations involving compliance with Chinese regulations on environment, food and drug, and labor laws. Ms. Deng is well connected with the local government in Shanghai and has substantial experience lobbying and working with Chinese authorities. On intellectual property protection, Ms. Deng is considered a leading force in fighting counterfeit and is well respected in the legal community. She is also a brilliant litigator, having won many employment and labor cases and represented many of the Chinese “red flag” companies on general corporate matters. Ms. Deng is also a top regulatory attorney, having had many successful cases representing foreign companies with regulatory issues in Shanghai, Hunan, Beijing and Guangzhou.

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