Bill Song


Bill Song, a principal at the firm, graduated in law and has 11 years of working experience as a practicing lawyer handling a variety of cases. Mr. Song focuses his current practice in the areas of Corporate Law, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, litigation, investment law, financing, and commercial disputes. Mr. Song is a leader in the Shanghai community and is active in the Chinese Bar. He often speaks at business and commercial events and is a prolific networker. He represents many high net worth individuals and is considered a leading proponent of investments overseas. Mr. Song was deputy manager of Xingpu Law Firm prior to the merger with IPO Pang. Mr. Song represents a number of Chinese companies in outbound investments, financing and dispute resolutions (including mergers and acquisitions), private placements of H shares in the US and related transactions. He and the firm’s Chairman, Mr. Peter Pang, have worked on many international transactions involving multi-nationals that need setting up funds and funds management companies. Mr. Song specializes in representing companies needing advice regarding private equity and VC investments matters, negotiation and resolution of material issues concerning land, labor and employee benefits, tax, foreign exchange, customs, technology and licensing, and securities. In his capacity as a senior lawyer, Mr. Song has had substantial experience working closely with various governmental agencies.


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