Alfred Yu

Senior Advisor

Mr. Yu is a senior technology advisor at IPO Pang Xingpu. He advises clients who are interested in investing in information technology and advanced medical equipment in China. After finishing his studies in electrical engineering at the University of Toronto, he worked for more than 25 years in top Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada; IT company like IBM and Accenture; Major North America financial institutes like CIBC; BMO and VISA USA; Telecom companies like Bell Canada and Rogers, he also served as CIO for two years between 2012-2014 in one of top Chinese IT public company Brilliance Technology in Beijing China and also worked as advisor for IBM China. He took on executive roles within the above organizations.

In recent days, he served as a consultant for many Chinese companies and helped them create partnerships with Western companies doing business in China. With his extensive portfolio of business resources and high expertise in the industry, he provides invaluable guidance for clients, especially in the areas of Information Technologies.


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