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Alex Wong

Legal Assistant

AlexWong studied TAFE Business English and graduated from The University of Sydney in 2008. Since graduation, he completed a number of post graduate courses to further hone his skills in International Business Management. He received an NFDA Certificate in Salt Lake City in 2018 and is currently pursing part time an advanced degree in International Economy & Trade at the Nanjing Political College, Shanghai Branch. Alex has extensive experience in project management, channel development, company operations and organization structure. He has assisted with numerous projects with both business and legal implications and is a leader in labor and employment management and sourcing.

He currently serves as a legal assistant where he utilizes his years of business experience working with sophisticated clients and hands-on participation in implementing plans and policies. Prior to joining the Firm, Alex led many large-scale publicity events as well as worked closely with many Chinese government organizations. He has experience supporting clients in a variety of industries, including apparel, manufacturing and retail.