Real Estate

Leasing or purchasing facilities or sites for manufacturing, warehousing or office purposes is an essential first step to procuring a license to operate in China. In fact, having a lease fully executed is a prerequisite to obtaining a license to operate as a local entity. With rents increasing at an alarming rate, it is often more beneficial to purchase a long term lease for a piece of land and build on it as opposed to a lease of the facility from its current owner. Either way, real estate cost is a major consideration in doing business in China, and it is an area of practice that IPO Pang has had substantial experience.

As the real estate situs is in China, Chinese law applies in all respects and experience in all legal aspects related to property, is essential to a successful representation. This includes:

  • Leasing
  • Purchasing
  • Use of property
  • Permits to operate
  • Utilities
  • Parking
  • Title transfers
  • Tax assessment
  • Management companies
  • Many other property related contracts

IPO Pang advises both buyers and sellers, lessors and lessees, financial institutions, bankers and other property lenders and has a large network of partners who can assist with completion of due diligence, environmental assessment and construction. If a dispute arises, real estate litigation is one of our specialties. At IPO Pang, we treat every piece of property as if it is our own.