Real Estate

The real estate bubble may have burst in the U.S., but for China, demand continues to out-pace supply, and real estate in China is still sold at a premium. Everywhere in every major city, high rise residential and commercial buildings continue their skyward climb undeterred by the economic woes of the rest of the world.

At IPO Pang, we have been serving the Chinese real estate industry since our establishment in the early 1990’s, and with an integrated network of top real estate experts, we can not only negotiate, draft and finalize virtually every kind of real estate documentation, we can also draw on such experts to proffer a more forward thinking approach to real estate investment in China. The services we provide to our foreign enterprise clients begin with initial acquisition and financing through development, leasing and final exit from the property.

Our network of local lawyers, agents, specialists, accountants and experienced managers all work together as a unified, seamless team to deliver what the client needs the most – a closed real estate transaction that achieves the client’s objectives. Often this requires knowledge of cross-border issues as well as local customs and practices. Our firm’s forté is its ability to coordinate its team of experts in such a way as to dissect a transaction, to see its internal workings, and thereby add value to our foreign enterprise client’s transaction. We can do real estate transactions for and on behalf of you anywhere in China, and we also have experience with constructionacquisitions, disposals, financing, leasing, environmental law and use permits.