Real Estate

To say that there is a real estate boom in China is an understatement. Prices of both residential and commercial buildings have more than tripled on average within the last 5 years. It is not clear if the real estate industry in China is going to continue unmolested by the woes of the rest of the world due to an abundance of demand or if it will suffer a major correction sometime in the near future. Either way, it is an interesting time for foreign enterprises to delve into the world’s biggest “lottery”, with many bargains to be had if one knows where to look. IPO Pang has been assisting foreign enterprise clients with their real estate needs since the early 1990s and has assisted clients who have gone from boom to bust and those that have gone from bust back to boom. Our advisory and transactional track record is superb and well-respected, and our integrated network of attorneys, legal assistants, technicians and specialists have unrivaled access to industry information and trends, as well as the Chinese government policymakers whose advice and counsel often dictates whether a transaction will be successful or not. As the industry is in flux, there are both business and legal risks in real estate or construction transactions.

IPO Pang is adept at identifying those risks and the distinctive commercial drivers that affect them. Competition in the real estate business continues to reach new heights. With limited land available for development, the dynamics of how deals are structured, negotiated, financed and consummated get accelerated. With local knowledge and international perspective, IPO Pang can meet the foreign enterprise client’s real estate needs without reservation or compromise.