Many years ago, environmental protection in China was not a concern. As a result, China attracted many manufacturers who set up local factories because of the then-minimal environmental discharge requirements. This is no longer the case.

With growing environmental awareness and concern, China is changing its laws on the protection of the environment. In light of the Chinese government’s recently proclaimed goal to be the “greenest country on the planet” the reach of environmental laws and the associated penalties, fines and assessments that can be imposed on a foreign enterprise operating in China cannot be underestimated.

At IPO Pang, we understand that a comprehensive, sustainable environmental strategy is not only what is needed to meet the current Chinese government requirements, but it is also the moral and “right thing to do.” It should be a part of every foreign enterprise’s strategic business plan. Environmental counseling, environmental report preparation and approval, environmental stay agreements, arrangement for environmental audits and testing, and environment litigation are just some of the services we offer. The goal is, of course, to avoid litigation whenever possible, and to maximize client efficiency within the confines of the environmental laws. To this end, our legal team and specialists are adept at finding the optimal solution to problematic environmental discharge issues and do so at the lowest cost and maximum efficiency on every occasion. Sophisticated and cost-effective representation is our goal on every engagement.

Our environmental team, consisting of lawyers and specialists, is involved in all phases of environmental transactions as they relate to corporate operations: from permit applications to due diligence; from arranging testing to finalizing evaluation reports; from assessment of potential legal liabilities to reaching settlement with the Chinese authorities on accidental releases; from negotiating and drafting of environmental clean-up and maintenance agreements to actual arrangement for remedial services. We counsel foreign enterprises on risk areas, provide comprehensive analysis of environmental statutes and assist with the drafting and implementation of in-house environmental policies and safety for all employees. Emissions trading, tax breaks, sanctions, and criminal liability are just some of our areas of experience particularly as they relate to the Chinese government.

Our team brings true legal and technical expertise, practical know-how, and problem solving techniques to every engagement, and in this complex and rapidly changing area of law, our experience with the Chinese authorities is an invaluable asset.