IPO Pang Xingpu to Attend IBLC’s Meeting in Cincinnati Next Month

IPO Pang Xingpu to Attend IBLC’s Meeting in Cincinnati Next Month

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International Business Law Consortium

Mr. Pang, Managing Attorney and Founder of IPO Pang Xingpu will be attending the Cincinnati meeting of the International Business Law Consortium on September 7. The firm has been a member of the group for several years and has developed over time strong ties with its members. The group is an international alliance of select law firms with impeccable reputations and fosters international collaboration.

IPO PANG XINGPU, with headquarters in Shanghai China, we have been helping clients from all over the world with their legal matters since 1992. We are a group of dedicated attorneys and professionals with expertise and experience in a variety of legal disciplines.  Clients come to us “When Being Right Matters ®”.

Author: Peter Pang
Peter C. Pang* is Chairman and Managing Partner of IPO PANG XINGPU LAW FIRM., His expertise includes corporate law and formation, franchising – inbound and outbound, mergers and acquisitions, real estate acquisitions, private placement, technology transfer, joint venture formation and business alliances, and trade secrets and intellectual property protection. Mr. Pang’s over 35 years of law practice in the People’s Republic of China and the United States places him amongst a handful of US-China lawyers with Asian International Expertise and in-depth appreciation for both the Western and Asian cultural and business differences and sensitivities. Mr. Pang is an attorney who “not only knows, but knows how” to close a deal, litigate vigorously and represent clients zealously. We don’t sell time, we sell solutions ™.

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