IPO PANG Foundation Award

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Beginning in 2015, IPO Pang will recognize an individual, a company or an organization – in China or anywhere in the world – who has done the most to advance the fight against counterfeits and intellectual property theft. Counterfeiting is a major industry, with an estimated annual value of over US$600 BillionAnd the numbers are increasing about 25 percent annually. If it can be made, it can be faked.

Beginning December 15, 2015, IPO Pang will award the prize equivalent of US$2,500 to the winner who – as determined by a panel of judges, in their sole opinion – has contributed to the advancement in the fight against counterfeits. This contribution could be in the form of literary works and publications, community service, government service, active participation in anti-counterfeiting organizations, investigative scores, anti-counterfeiting crusades, or numerous other ways in which the individual, company or organization can demonstrate commitment and dedication to eliminating this underground economy. Nominations are accepted through October 15 of each year and students, scholars, businessmen, company executives, lawyers, investigators and others are urged to participate and bring their efforts to the attention of IPO Pang.

The winner will be posted on our site. For further details of this award, please email: [email protected] or contact our client relations manager at [email protected].