With the opening up of the local retailing licenses to foreign enterprises in China, many foreign enterprise clients are sweeping in to try retailing, and eventually franchising or licensing, first hand. This brings about its own unique set of issues, problems and opportunities. IPO Pang is experienced in assisting major international brands in opening up dedicated stores in China, wherever located, and then assisting the foreign enterprise client in opening up chain licensed stores, thereby exponentially expanding its reach nationwide at a much faster speed. Industry experts predict “branded chain stores”, i.e. franchised or licensed stores, will constitute the major thrust of the growth in retail for the next several years as consumer confidence is enhanced with multiple locations. IPO Pang offers advisory and transactional services to foreign enterprise clients who desire to enter the market quickly, require government support for a unique business scope, and demand a comprehensive intellectual property protection / enforcement program that will minimize their entry risks. Our understanding of the industry comes not from textbooks, but years of experience working with clients who have paid their dues and learned from their mistakes. This exceptional perspective is invaluable in a field that is extremely competitive, where there is no margin for error or misjudgment, and where being able to deliver cost-effective services is paramount. IPO Pang lawyers and specialists assist foreign enterprise clients in this sector with zeal; we confront the challenges and never overlook the opportunities. We support our foreign enterprise clients with the most complex legal and business issues, and draw upon our government contacts to smooth the way for a successful completion of a client-initiated project.