Energy consumption in China is at an all-time high. Rolling blackouts are not unusual, but rather, they are the norm, especially during hot summer months. Thus, as a net energy importer, China is anxious to develop new sources of energy and the government has promulgated new laws, rules, regulations and incentives to encourage research and development, as well as joint ventures with foreign enterprises that possess technology and know-how. Likewise, foreign enterprises are eager to get into the Chinese market, either as a technology licensor, joint venture partner, or direct investor in energy production or green initiatives. At IPO Pang, we have deep know-how and experience in working with coal, nuclear, fuel, wind, solar, water, geothermal and virtually every kind of power generation methodology and the legal and regulatory “legalscape” that governs this field. Foreign enterprise clients seeking to enter the Chinese market need advisors who can help them identify the challenges and opportunities, the risks and the benefits, and the legal / socially responsible approach to take. The risk of a major deal going awry in this field is too high to justify anything less than the engagement of experienced and seasoned attorneys and specialists who can render the best professional advice.