Covid-19: We've Got Your Back

Covid-19 Concerns:

Keeping a close eye on your business operations is a lot of work. And if those business interests are on the other side of the world in the midst of a global pandemic, it is essential you have in-country partners who have your back. In China, those partners are the lawyers of IPO Pang. China was ground zero for the coronavirus pandemic, and while the country has made great strides in controlling the spread, the economic toll is real. So if you are concerned about your investment and cannot make the trip yourself, you need eyes on the ground in China – you need IPO Pang. They have a skilled team that not only moves quickly to assess and address possible legal concerns, but can also:

  • attend board meetings
  • conduct legal audits
  • work with a local cpa on bookkeeping audits
  • hold educational seminars on a variety of topics, including  employment law, environmental law and intellectual property protection, just to name a few

Until you can come to China to oversee your own operations, your business will be in good hands with IPO Pang protecting your interest and helping you maintain legal compliance. There is no reason to worry from afar. IPO Pang has you covered.

IPO Pang doesn’t sell time, they sell solutions.