Compliance and Governance


China Is The Land Of Opportunity If You Are A Business InvestorLooking To Expand Into A Growing Market.But Doing Business Abroad Also Comes With Challenges. So It’s Important To Have Partners On The Ground, In-Country, To Help Manage Your Operations… And To Ensure The Countless And Complex Compliance Rules Are Followed.In China, Those Partners Are The Attorneys Of Ipo Pang.

Unscrupulous Behavior Is Unavoidable.  It’s A Reality Of Doing Business In China, Or Anywhere Else… And Ipo Pang Has Resources In Place To Handle A Range Of Issues Including:The Prevention And Isolation Of Bribery, Corruption, Fraud And Embezzlement,  Money Laundering,  Intellectual Property Theft And More.With It’s Years Or Experience, Ipo Pang Will Make Sure You Have:A Corporate Compliance Audit Program And Oversight Committee…

Written Compliance Policies And Procedures… Good H-R Practices And Policies… Training For All Employees And Supervisors… A Code Of Ethics And Conduct… Pre- Employment Screenings…  On-Going Assessment Of Business Functions  With Legal Implications… And When It’s Time To Take Action… I-P-O Pang Will Move Quickly And Decisively.Investigate, Litigate Eliminate.  That’s There Motto When ItComes To Anything That Stands In The Way Of A Healthy Business Environment.Visit Ipo Pang Dot Com Or Email [email protected] Ipopang.Com.Ipo Pang Doesn’t Sell Time, They Sell Solutions.