Franchise and Distribution

Franchise and Distribution

“If you have a brand, we have a plan” ®

Deciding to expand your brand to China is a major decision.  Do it right, you will succeed.  Do it wrong, you will fail. And fail miserably.  The key to making the right decision is asking for the proper advice from experienced advisors to help structure a franchise strategy –  both legal and business.

IPO Pang regularly assists with franchise registrations in China for world-famous brands, and supports some of the highest performing franchise businesses in the country in dozens of industries.  We have extensive experience and we understand the complexity of franchising from both the franchisor and franchisee perspective.   However, we represent exclusively FRANCHISORS.  It is what we do; it is our passion; it is our expertise that clients will receive that beats the competition.

We understand the need to combine significant business and legal knowledge of the ever-changing franchise landscape and localize such knowledge for use in China. We will help franchisors navigate through the complexities of modern franchising in China – the laws, the regulations, the customs, the practices, the brand protections.

We have the expertise to advise across a wide variety of legal disciplines, including IP, M&A, Franchise compliance, Labor and Employment, Tax compliance and avoidance, legal structure, holding company structure, minimization of liability, unfair competition, rebranding, enforcement.

We advise clients on master franchise agreements, territory franchise agreements, unit development agreements and related documentation, and do so which includes negotiation, drafting (bilingual), recording and Intellectual Property Rights Registration. We assist franchisors in structuring their Cross-Border Franchising Activities, including Confidentiality, Distribution, Employment, Indemnification, License, Lease, Management, Purchase and Sale, and Service Agreements.

We design Strategies for Domestic and International Trademark Protection and file Franchise Disclosure Documents with MOFCOM in China in compliance with law. We assist our foreign franchisors with legal strategies on management of the brand to ensure minimal dilution of the brand, full compliance with corporate or brand rules and simplification of operations to save costs while remaining fully compliant.

As a leader in franchising in China, and a record to prove it, we say to our prospective franchisor clients:  “If you have a brand, we have a plan”®