There is a Hollywood, a Bollywood, and now, speculation within China film industry insiders is that soon there will be a Chinllywood. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has set its goals high: within 5 years, it targets China to be the top filming destination, to have the largest filming studios (by square meters) and to have the top filming gross box office receipts for Asia. With more and more films and television programs made in China, and a good portion of the world’s post-production work already being done in China by Chinese workers, China’s film industry is experiencing phenomenal growth. Writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, producers, cinematographers, songwriters, recording artists, stage professionals, pre- and post-production companies, graphic design companies and many others have already set up or have considered setting up offices and production facilities in China.

IPO Pang is experienced in representing all aspects of film production, including actors, directors, and producers.  Our connections with the Ministry of Culture and SARFT have enabled us to facilitate otherwise contentious approvals for filming, location acquisition, and related film content issues. We pride ourselves in offering that personal touch and service to the entertainment industry because we realize that success in this difficult industry requires a very personal and hands-on approach to problem solving. Regardless of the size of the project, our IPO Pang team devotes 100% of its effort to safeguard the client’s interests, particularly with respect to securing a lasting protection of intellectual property. Our unparalleled skill is to close deals and find reasonable compromise in such a way that foreign enterprise clients achieve their objectives without creating resentful and bitter relationships with their Chinese counterparts.