Everywhere in China construction is booming. Second and third tier cities are experiencing exponential growth rates that surpass those of major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. As China moves closer to international standards and practices, the cost and complexity of construction contracting and the negotiation process connected therewith have also increased significantly.

This is where IPO Pang’s lawyers bring their 30 years of experience working with Chinese contractors, designers, lenders, brokers and architects to bear in helping a foreign enterprise seize a fresh opportunity to build a new project, or provide them with strategic advice that mitigates risk. Through our understanding of the local culture, the local environment and local customs, we create a seamless partnership with all stakeholders in a construction project so that all ideas and resources are shared and nothing is overlooked. We are often part of a team of specialists assembled to tackle a construction project and we work in unison with other team members to ensure that even the most complex transaction is properly consummated.

When problems arise in construction projects, IPO Pang often serves as the glue that pieces together all the working parts to ensure that the project moves forward with due consideration for client and budget. Our legal team includes staff that have had solid business experience as entrepreneurs or engineers, which imbues a business, legal, and technical perspective on a construction project unrivalled by other firms. With a big push by the Chinese government to develop its Western regions and literally hundreds of infrastructure projects waiting for investment, savvy investors know that to realize and protect their value in the investment, advice and counsel from IPO Pang is indispensable.