Many foreign enterprises have turned to China to establish R&D centers in the biotechnology field because the Chinese government often encourages this kind of “high value” business venture through tax incentives and outright grants. At IPO Pang, we have attorneys and specialists who have either worked for, or actively represented biotech and R&D companies in the U.S. and Canada before joining our firm. Their unique “in-house” perspective of what it takes to enter this field, what the opportunities are and where the legal risks lie make us unique among boutique firms that service this industry. Many of our attorneys and specialists have scientific degrees from renowned universities and have been working with China’s Science and Technology departments and ministries since the early 1990s. Our deep relationships with China Food and Drug Administration (“CFDA”) insiders have been immensely helpful on many occasions to our foreign enterprise clients when approval of food, drug or cosmetic products is needed on a fast track basis. With a growing demand for high tech foreign products in China, coupled with a constant drive for cost reductions abroad, many have found that manufacturing or sourcing their biotech products, APIs, or devices in China is a cost-effective alternative for them.