The growth of China’s automotive industry is unprecedented. It is now the world’s largest automobile market, surpassing the U.S. Foreign enterprise. Clients eyeing the market are scrambling to take part in this economic boom by introducing new technologies, new models and new business combinations that are impacting the automotive industry’s evolution. Not surprisingly, as part of this evolution, problems and issues do arise, from the need to protect intellectual property to the need to clearly understand and enforce territorial restraint on distribution. IPO Pang has attorneys who were former executives of automobile companies and a team of specialists who can help foreign enterprises overcome barriers to entry into this lucrative market. Our unique array of attorneys and experience has helped our foreign enterprise clients achieve success when all hope is lost, realize cost savings when the going gets tough, build key customer relationships when tempers flare, and navigate through the landmines of a constantly shifting legal landscape.

Our automotive team at IPO Pang collaborates seamlessly and fluently with our network of attorneys in China, crisscrossing different fields of practice, drawing on our veteran lawyers who have experience dealing with the complex relationships that characterize the industry’s supply chain, technology, and government relations to achieve the foreign enterprise client’s legal and business objectives in a cost effective manner.